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Our entrepreneurship and vocational skills training is built on our drive towards ensuring economic empowerment, through programs/projects targeted

Our entrepreneurship and vocational skills training is built on our drive towards ensuring economic empowerment, through programs/projects targeted at improving household income of indigenes of Rivers State, Niger Delta and Nigeria. We understand the importance of human capital development so we equip identified and willing individuals with the requisite mindset, skills, local/internationally recognized certificates, strategy and linkage opportunity.

Service Details

Entrepreneurship & Skills Development Program (ESDP) for Tertiary Institutions

This, in institutions, is a training program that is an integral part of the school curriculum and a requirement for graduation. It consists of theoretical lessons on Entrepreneurship and soft skills, practical sessions on various skills like Catering, Tailoring, Soap Making, Public Speaking end examination & assessment of students. E&I Centre Ltd. is currently in Rivers State University and has successfully trained over 30,000 students over the past 4 years.


LED & Business Linkages

This is a socio-economic development catalyst project to reduce poverty by increasing income through employment generation and economic empowerment using two prongs approach;

Prong 1

MSME Local Enterprise Development and Business Linkages: This is a market development action that constitutes training and business support services provision to identify existing food, agricultural businesses and other viable local business sector for business growth and improved income/sustainable livelihood.

Prong 2

Vocational Skills Training and Job Linkages: This is to equip identified persons with skills and certification in building/construction and other identified skills to gain self-employment and harness job opportunities for their economic empowerment.

Professional Construction Skills Training

As a Training, Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship & Skills Development, Business Linkages and Job Creation organization, we are in partnership with strategic stakeholders in the construction industry and Rivers State University through which we run a professional development program for the construction sector which ensures youth in the region are equipped to work in various construction projects in a professional, reliable and outstanding manner.

Tank Cleaning and Hydro-blasting Skills Training

  • Cleaning and preparation of metal (piping & structural members) surfaces
  • Application of paints on metal (piping & structural members) surfaces
  • Hydro Testing / Pressure Testing
  • Provision of Hydro Test / Pressure Test’s Equipment, Manpower, Materials & Consumables
  • Carry out Hydro Test / Pressure Test on newly fabricated and installed Piping Systems and Piping Spools
  • Tank Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Cleaning of sludge out of Tanks
  • Installation of Roof Seals
  • Coating of the external Shell of the Tank
  • Repairs of buckled pontoons and rim angles
  • Repairs of Floor and Roof Plates
  • Provision of manpower and equipment for Vessel Tank Cleaning
  • Maintenance of already installed Vessels
  • Waste Management